Monaco Formula One Grand Prix

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The 77-lap Monaco Grand Prix begins with a short burst of acceleration before the perilous right hand of Virage St Devote. It then accelerates again up through the gears from St Devote before slowing for the sharp left turn into Casino Square. Thereafter the race opens up once again for the downhill section past the Hotel Metropole.

Keeping to the right in the approach to the Hotel Mirabeau corner, the Monaco Grand Prix gathers speed before dramatically slowing down for the hairpin at the Monte Carlo Grande Hotel and the sharp right turn of the Virage du Portier.

Going down into the cool darkness of the tunnel, where the sweeping curve facilitates the Monaco circuit's fastest section, the cars accelerate up through the gears. The cars then emerge into the sunlight at 280 kilometres per hour (174 miles per hour).

The cars reduce speed for the tight left and right of the chicane, then there's a brief surge of speed just before the swimming pool. The hairpin of Virage Rascasse leads on to the uphill section, before the treacherous Virage Anthony Noghes and a burst of acceleration towards the end of the first lap, to face again the challenge of Virage St Devote.

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